Jesus Foster
Jesus foster
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Friends and Family
Stef Foster (Foster Mother)
Lena Foster (Foster Mother)
Ana (Birth Mother)
Mariana Foster (Twin Sister)

Brandon Foster (Foster Brother)

Behind the Scenes
Played by:
Jake T. Austin

=Character InformationEdit

Jesus was taken in and later adopted by Stef and Lena along with his fraternal twin sister, Mariana. He is 15 years old and is the more laid back of the twins. To control his attention deficit disorder, he is prescribed medication.In the pilot, it is revealed that Mariana has been stealing his add medication and selling it to friends and students at school to get money for their biological mother, Ana. When he doesn't take his medication, Jesus is quick to anger and quite agitated. Although he is angry at Mariana for stealing and selling his pills, he eventually takes the blame. He is fluent in Spanish and excels at sports.Brandon and Jesus have a brotherly relationship as shown by his offering advice to Brandon about Talya. He begins to date Mariana's best friend, Lexi in secret. In the beginning, Lexi and he text and kiss but eventually they lose their virginities in a spontaneous moment. When Mariana finds out that Jesus and Lexi are together, she appears sad and angry and breaks off her friendship with Lexi. Although Lexi reveals to Mariana that this brought them closer together, the fact that it was unprotected causes anxiety and they try to buy the morning after pill to avoid pregnancy. Jesus gets caught but later Stef gives the morning after pill to Lexi. In an overly drunken state, Mariana reveals the secret and Lexi's parents consider sending her away to live with her aunt.Jesus' girlfriend, Lexi, runs away in order to not be sent away. Later Mariana and Jesus tell Lexi that she is undocumented.