Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster
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Character InformationEdit

An intense, attractive and talented teen, Brandon is Stef’s biological son, a solid student with a passion for piano. Brandon has a warm bond with his two moms and his adoptive siblings, but is a bit taken aback by the defiant, wounded Callie, the newest addition to the household.


His Biological parents are Stef and Mike. They divorced when Brandon was young and Stef says that she is gay and "marries" Lena. So he has two moms and a dad. He has and adopted brother and sister, which are twins, Mariana and Jesus. Then, Callie came into the picture and is a sixteen year old foster child. Callie has a little brother named Jude who is in the seventh grade. He is attracted to Callie despite the fact that they are foster siblings. He has also shown jealously towards Callie's boyfriend, Wyatt.